Spirit Speaks in Whispers

woman in prayer poseIt is often said that God/Source/Creator/Spirit/Divine Intelligence speaks in a ‘still small voice’ to lead us in each moment to our highest and best self. It is sometimes referred to as our intuition; that moment when we pause because a thought arises when we have a conscious or subconscious decision to make. It is in that moment when we think, “hmmmm…”

I believe in that moment, the quiet, still small voice of God is communicating with us about a decision. That moment contains a spiritual spark of divine wisdom that says “go here, not there.” And yet we, as co-creators, have a choice and we can choose to follow this divine whisper … or not.

When we choose not to listen (to go our own way), that still small voice gets louder and louder until it gets our attention. Oprah Winfrey describes it as a whisper that can lead to a brick upside the head and eventually, if we still don’t get it, as an entire brick wall falling on our heads! And because we have the power of free-will we get to make a choice. As Oprah so eloquently advised the 1997 graduates of Wellesley,”what I try to do in my life is to get God on the whisper.”

I created this sacred space to chronicle my spiritual (r)evolution as I emerge from personal challenges that remind me on a daily basis I am flawed, human and yet perfect in my imperfections. This space is the manifestation of my obedience when the Whisper spoke to me and said “go here.”

I have (re) dedicated my life to ‘getting it in the whisper!’ No brick wall necessary.

This blog is based on the substance of a forthcoming series of books and resources titled Wisdom in the Whisper™.  These resources will help you to explore ways to re-establish your connection to the Creator so you have the wisdom of discernment to recognize God’s voice in the midst of all the mind chatter we endure. Wisdom in the Whisper resources are intended to support you in rising in all circumstances to your highest and best self by listening to and learning from the “wisdom in the Whisper”.

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I seek my own discernment and spiritual maturity. Thank you for listening and learning along with me, one Whisper at a time.

Be well … and WISE!

Tonya Marie


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Wisdom in the Whisper™ and WisdomintheWhisper.com by Tonya Marie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.wisdominthewhisper.com.


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