Wisdom in the Whisper™ Lesson: What I learned from Steve Olsher – Living in “The Zone”

WITW Lesson #1 12/27/11:

Reinvention isn’t about changing who you are but (re)discovering the person you were created to be! It’s about dwelling in the moment, in “the zone”, where you unconsciously and consistently achieve your desired results with the highest level of proficiency.

Today I listened to Simran Singh’s interview of Steve Olsher “Reinventing YOU in 2012” on 11:11 Talk Radio and it was just what I needed to hear. Of course, there are no accidents in life so I’m not surprised. I just continue to be thrilled and in awe of Spirit’s ability, desire and willingness to manifest for me what I require and desire when I ask with an open heart and loving expectancy.

The Wisdom Lesson above is my paraphrasing of my overall away from Simran’s interview with Steve.

Steve Olsher is known as America’s Reinvention Expert. He wrote award-winning book Journey to You and created the Reinvention Workshop that provides a step-by-step guide to reach and maintain excellence in every aspect of your life. He walks the walk and has devoted his life’s work to showing others how to do the same. He subscribes to the belief that it’s better to empower others to succeed than to give the people the proverbial fish.

But he’s not opposed to giving! In fact, Steve believes so much in empowering others he is giving away free copies of his book Journey to You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be. Yes, the entire book!

He describes Journey to You as “a life-changing and transformative guide to discovering your  true potential.” In the book he asks you to identify the “what” of your life; that is, the ONE thing you were born to do. He then encourages you to tap into your unique, natural abilities, and create a meaningful, contribution-based life and career that is both fulfilling and monetarily rewarding. He uses the SLAP principle, which he developed: seven life-altering principles for living in “the zone”. He’s a term-of-art fanatic so there are plenty of memorable terms to help you take your life from fair to fab.

My favorite quote from the Steve’s interview is about the purpose and value of living consciously and making conscious decisions today aligned with intended and beneficial results that align you with the “you” you were created to be (what he refers to as decision-making in the Ya-No moment [pronounced YAY-NO]):

“You want to shift your focus from where you are right now to the potential ramifications of that choice. . . . You want the “you” of tomorrow to be able to look back and give thanks to the “you” of today. That’s the power of making positive, conscious Ya-No choices.

Wow. Powerful stuff. And a perfect message at a divine time as we transition out of 2011 and into the transformative energy of a new year, especially 2012 that is expected to usher in a huge shift in our individual and collective purpose. Never has there been a better time to finally become the person who were intended and divinely created to be, to live in the zone and to reconnect to the wisdom in the whisper that invites you to “do this” and “go here”.

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