I resolve to …

The ellipsis in the subject line is the most important part. It holds more answers than I have to offer tonight. I had great plans to post something uber spiritual and enlightened. But the truth is all I have tonight is an intention to take with me into the new year only that which serves me and the Creator who stitched me so perfectly together.

I intend forgiveness. I intend acceptance. I intend surrender. I intend abundance. As Mark Nepo stated so beautifully in The Book of Awakening, I intend to unlearn my way back to God. I release all pretenses, illusions and expectations as the shoulds, coulds and woulds of a time long gone. I forgive everyone everything. And I accept the divine unfolding of my life one precious moment at a time. That is enough. That, says the Whisper, is all there is. Happy New YOU!

Tonya Marie

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