Wisdom Lesson #3: Lessons from Nature on How to Reach for the Light

“If the light won’t come to them, they go to the light.” ~ Oprah Winfrey, BBC Series “Life: Plants”

January 8, 2012

Today I watched “Plants” narrated by Oprah Winfrey, which was rebroadcast on Super Soul Sunday produced by Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). “Plants” is an episode from the BBC Series titled Life, which was originally released by BBC TV in 2009.

I am so thankful I pressed past the chatter of my internal “go back to bed” saboteur (read below) and listened to the Whisper that called me to rise, shine and tune in. It was a divine opportunity to say YES to Spirit and to follow the intuitive pull that led me to this Wisdom in the Whisper™ lesson.

The re-airing of “Plants” was a synchronistic moment for me. Call it the trail of proverbial crumbs dropped to encourage me and to lead me to a more evolved understanding of what I sometimes rush past or crush under foot every day on my power walks:

plants are our greatest visible spiritual teachers on this planet.

So first, the back story. Super Soul Sunday has become an integral part of my Sunday morning spiritual ritual. And this morning I determined not to sleep through the first hour as I had for the last couple of weeks (it airs for the first time at 8 AM eastern and repeats at 1 PM). At first, admittedly, I was disappointed there wasn’t a new episode. And right behind disappointment was the voice of my internal sleepyhead who shamelessly tried to convince me to go back to bed. “Clearly,” she suggested “you got it the first time it aired. Whattaya need to watch it again for??”

I questioned the thought and had one of those “hmmm, that doesn’t sound right …” moments. And after all, I was already awake, open and centered through meditation. I’d already gone through the great effort of making coffee (2 cups worth!), cutting up an entire honey crisp apple and spooning up some pricey organic peanut butter to go with it. So I politely excused my naysayer and chose the initial leading; the one that said wake up, watch, reflect, tweet (via @ByTheSpirit and @WisdomWhispers) and write. And I am so glad I did!

Today’s Wisdom in the Whisper from the Plant World

Each plant and tree has developed an optimal, resourceful and efficient way to get what is essential for its survival; water, nutrients and light. And it is a plant’s drive to find or create the space to commune with, and be energized by, the sun I admire so much.

Credit: flowerinashes_jasohill

In every moment, plants are involved in an intricate process of reaching for the light. They grow up, over, under, sideways and with the assistance of other structures that have already achieved height to reach what they require and desire – and what energizes them – the sun.  Plants, having evolved on this planet for millions of years and well before humankind, are our best guides on how to grow, adapt, cooperate, compete, survive and evolve intuitively to find our own shine, as I say in my signature poem “Find Your Own Shine”.

The plant world is alive, in constant motion, always reaching for the light. Each plant is intent on using whatever is within its reach to grow and to thrive wherever the universe has placed it and encouraged it to grow. From north-facing mountains to the ashes of a forest fire, from cracks in urban sidewalks to the really patient, resourceful plants in my own house (poor things!).

Each form of plant life is intuitively connected to the cycles of its own life and the larger cycle of the seasons. Each citizen of the plant world is always reaching for the light so that it can bloom forth in all of its majesty to be just what it was created to be. And when its life cycle passes, each plant leaves carbon in the wake of its own swan song of decay to become the nutrients for future generations of life.

Each plant is drawn in each moment by the pull of life, by the presence of the sun’s energy to draw ever closer to that life-giving light and to thereby let its own light shine.

This lesson is always present and all around us if only we would stop to look, listen, learn and resolve to evolve.  Taking time to stop and smell the roses takes on a new meaning when you think of it that way. Perhaps the fragrance is meant to capture our attention. Not just for the sake of admiring its beauty, but to cause us to reflect, to remember and then to reach for the light wherever the universe has placed us and encouraged us to grow. Wisdom in the Whisper indeed!

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