Wisdom Lesson #6: Having a “miracle mindset” changes everything… literally!

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein

“Become the Miracle You Seek” from Tonya Marie

January 26, 2012

I came across Einstein’s quote above in Mark Nepo’s January 24th entry in The Book of Awakenings.

Confession: I read it this morning (1/26) so … yes, I’m a little behind. 🙂

But since I believe wherever I am that is where I’m supposed to be, I guess my morning meditation time was meant to include this passage and to inspire this lesson.

Mark’s entry titled “Miracle Thinking” got me thinking about … well … miracles. It also challenged me to reflect on our role in creating a life experience filled with the vast richness of wonderment in every moment.

Einstein’s quote is a remix of the age-old question: whether the glass is half full or half empty. The bottom line is that the “glass half full” concept, Einstein’s quote and Mark’s reflection, all make the point that the lens through which we see life has a direct impact on how we experience life.

Imagine seeing everything, and I mean everything as the pure miracle it is. From the dust on the TV to the birth of a baby. From the mundane chores of folding clothes or washing dishes to winning the lottery. From the painful loss of a relationship to the first bud break of an exotic flower in the Amazon that you never even lay eyes on. An outlook like that changes how we move in the world; how we greet each other, how we work, play, relate, commune, eat, rest … and love.

A Course in Miracles explains a miracle as a naturally occurring expression of love that heals. It teaches that a miracle is:

“a kind of exchange” in which both the giver and receiver experience more love. [Ch. 1, The Meaning of Miracles]

A miracle is the loving result of an active, creative exchange that requires our mindful participation and enthusiasm. And so is life. So having a “miracle mindset”, as I call it, is a precondition to authentic healing and transformation.  Therefore both my life and how I experience my life as it unfolds and blossoms, are both miraculous. Both my life and how I experience it have the power to heal and to create more love.

Whether I actually acknowledge this essential spiritual truth, however, is optional. My acknowledgement doesn’t change their existence but my failure to acknowledge impacts my joy and therefore my ability to be a full and miraculous expression of love for others to see. When I possess a miracle mindset, the divine and loving exchange continues, the edges of life soften and my life  becomes a shining example and encouragement to others to possess the same… and so on … and so on.

God is in the torrential downpour and the drip, drip, drip from the broken kitchen faucet. Love is both  in the sunrise and in the divine impulse that signals to my legs, back, arms, eyes and every other part of my body to work in concert when I stand up and walk to another room.

With a miracle mindset we can heal and transform the world; the world within and the world all around. It begins with us. It begins with me. Join me in a celebration of miracles today. Become “the miracle” you seek!

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Lesson #6: Having a “miracle mindset” changes everything… literally!

  1. “Become the miracle you seek”… Indeed! There’s such richness to that concept and I appreciate the way you decompact it here.. I also think about “becoming the love you desire” and “becoming friend you need.” Nepo’s book really *is* required reading and a wonderful way to re-frame one’s thinking each and every day. That you for this post, Professor 🙂

    • Thanks so much, LB! Required reading indeed. An essential and divinely inspired poetic text. My happliy-ever-after companion on this journey called life. Love & Light, Tonya Marie

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