Wisdom Lesson #15: How letting go of everything you have can give you everything you need

“Do not be afraid to let everything you are doing right now go. Because it is only when we can sacrifice everything, that we can truly take the next step to reach our goals.” 

~ Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

I’m not sure how I found my way to Evan’s amazing and inspirational blog. But since there are no accidents in life I know in my heart and spirit I was meant to connect to his path of introspection, inspiration and empowerment.

Recently, he wrote about letting go of the comfort of his all-too familiar old views, habits and ways of doing things in order to embrace the abundance of all that he really wanted in life. By the looks of all the comments and “Likes” he received for his post, his message resonated deeply with so many people, including me.

His post suggests that often times it’s not the fear of failure but of success that keeps us living below our fullest potential. But Evan’s message reminds me that in each moment I can choose to reach for the brass ring of life and shed my caterpillar reality to achieve the butterfly destiny I was created by my Creator to have!

And you can too. Let go. Let God. Transform into the butterfly you were intended to be and fly!

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