100 Days of Wisdom: Day 4 – You are perfect just the way you are … no, really, perfect!

Wisdom Day 4

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Imagine that you love yourself just the way you are.  You love your body just the way it is, and you love your emotions  just the way they are.  You know that you are perfect just as you are.

~ don Miguel Ruiz ~


You may be familiar with the Descartes quote “I think, therefore I AM.” Perhaps you are also familiar with the Proverb “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (And yes, that’s goes for women too). And then, of course, there’s the law of attraction that says whatever we focus on (good, bad or otherwise) expands and we attract it into our experience.

There are many ways to interpret these simple yet profound truisms. But underneath them all is the reality that we have the creative power to change the way we see and interpret our value and self-worth; our very reason for being. We don’t need the affirmation of others, although it’s nice to receive. But the simple act of recognizing our divine perfection underneath the masks of personality we all wear is the first step to plugging into our divine power; the power of love.

We were created by Love (since the Divine IS love) and made in the image and likeness of Love. So our essence is just that; pure love.

Love knows itself and seeks itself like the drop of water that seeks and eventually finds its way to the ocean. But loving yourself begins with accepting yourself just as you are. And maintaining self-love requires that you affirm your perfection even (and especially) in the midst of your perceived imperfections.

Affirm the love you seek in your own eyes, in your own laugh, in your own smile, in your own reflection. Return to the love within. It is always there. And you are always perfect and lovable  just the way you are.

Be well,

Tonya Marie

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