100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 41 — Sometimes the end of your “world” is just the beginning!

Wisdom Day 41

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“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~ Richard Bach

Credit: Tonya M. Evans 2012 All rights reserved.

The beauty of the Monarch cannot be denied, with its expansive wings and elegant and vivid orange coloring, black markings and spotted detail. But it’s far easier to appreciate the final manifestation of this beauty than it is to appreciate how it appears in its developmental process. It’s this process of becoming that- although  miraculous- is anything but “pretty”.

This regal butterfly (actually known as the King of the Butterflies) goes through three stages of development before the fourth and final stage when it emerges as a fully formed butterfly. Monarch butterflies begin life as eggs and hatch as larvae. They then develop into a beautifully ornate caterpillar and, thereafter, form a hard protective shell in preparation for the third stage, the chrysalis.

Interestingly during the third stage of the Monarch life cycle (the pupa stage when the chrysalis is formed), exponential metamorphosis takes place. The caterpillar sheds its entire form -literally breaks down every aspect of its body- and forms the structures that become the adult butterfly body that will soon emerge from the chrysalis.

Once the butterfly shakes itself free from the chrysalis, it waits patiently for its wings to expand and strengthen so it is able to fly. Then it begins its migration to fulfill its destiny.

What a stark and amazing spiritual lesson of how becoming who you were created to be is a process that takes time. And, more importantly, when you are broken down and broken open, often times this occurs just before the miracle of your complete metamorphosis.

Each stage has a purpose and your progress through is based on divine timing. At each stage, there is some active effort required from us, to be sure. But there’s also something MIRACULOUS beyond our control leading us to the next step in our evolution. The journey requires our faith, effort, and patience. There’s plenty of opportunities to rest and grow, but no time or space to quit if you intend to complete the metamorphosis and continue on your journey.

So don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Have faith that sometimes the moment you think you’ve reached the end of your world, is just the beginning. Maybe, just maybe, when we are breaking down and open, we’re just on the other side of a divine break THROUGH. And only when we break through can we spread our promised wings and fly!

Be well and WISE!

Tonya Marie


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