100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 51 – The Spiritual Wisdom of Making Room for the “New”

Wisdom Day 51

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“No matter who you are … sometimes in life there are going to be struggles and there are going to be challenging obstacles. I full-heartedly believe that these challenges are gifts and an opportunity for growth and also to allow something better to come into your life. In yoga this is referred to as Aparigraha [not hoarding]; letting go of the old and un-serving, and making room for the new and serving.”

~ Channa Serenity ~

It’s very difficult for a hand that is already full to receive or hold something new. Releasing your grip on what you already have in your hand to receive something new, however, can be a really challenging and uncomfortable thing to do.

That’s because even if the new is more beneficial and desirable—even if it’s what you’ve always hoped for or dreamed of—the idea of letting go of what you’ve been clinging to  invites the “what ifs” to assault your confidence and to create doubt, the fertile ground where fear takes root and thrives.

The fear-based “bird in the hand” syndrome can lead to holding onto to the comfort of what is already familiar, even if it hurts or limits or stunts your growth or otherwise blocks your blessings. Still, sometimes the fear of the unknown that waits just on the other side of your comfort zone can be so paralyzing and debilitating that it causes you to hold onto the internal and external clutter in your world, the relics and spoils of your past, the “stuff” that gives you a false sense of control to predict your future (if only it were that easy!).

The danger of holding onto the ghosts of the “old you” that have passed, is that they take up way too much valuable real estate in your head, heart and spirit without any corresponding benefit. And with all of that physical and metaphysical space already occupied (rent free!), too often there’s no room for new things – new feelings, awarenesses, ideas, people and lessons to promote your further growth, evolution and transformation.

Holding on also drains vital energy, enthusiasm, hope, optimism and joy, the stuff that supports abundance and love.

In the same way that the safety and protection of a cocoon must fall away before a butterfly can complete its transformation to spread its wings and fly, and the turtle that outgrows its shell must temporarily expose itself to vulnerability as it takes on a new shell, we too must also release our death grip on the “old” when it no longer supports us in our continued spiritual development and our divine purpose.

Don’t wait until next spring to clean house or even for the New Year’s resolution craze at the year’s end. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Roll up your sleeves, and resolve to ring in the new “YOU” right now. Decide to make room for the new today.

Click here to read more at GirlFriendCircles.com about letting go of what no longer serves you well — from clothing to destructive thought patterns, from a job to a relationship — in order to make room for the new blessings just waiting for permission to manifest in your life.

Be well … & WISE!

Tonya Marie


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