100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 56 – The Wisdom of Fearless Living and the Power of “YES!”

Wisdom Day 56

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“How many times have you found yourself at the edge of a new choice and completely unable to just say, “yes”?  You are there … holding your breath but the fear of something new holds you back.  It is normal to instinctively cling to the warmth of the known.We all have done it.  Some stay in relationships or jobs too long while others eat the same meals over and over.  There is value in comfort but sometimes we all need to release the breath and just say “YES!”. While it is impossible for me to un-glue your feet…I can hopefully get you in the road.”

~ Patricia @ The Daily Own, 10 Things We Can All Do Fearlessly! ~

Thanks to the folks at TheDailyOWN.com, here are 10 things we can ALL do fearlessly … yep, that means you (and me) too!

Be well … & WISE (and FEARLESS!)!

Tonya Marie


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